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    Huub wetsuit Atana women
    We felt it was about time that the female wetsuit was more than a sculptured men's suit designed with curves and patterns that simply fit the female form. We took the time to look further into the needs of the female athlete when swimming. The HUUB Atana is part of…
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    Huub wetsuit A3gis women
    The Aegis family of suits is renowned for exceeding expectations, delivering so much more than the price would suggest. HUUB exclusive X-0 Skeleton™ for superior body alignment and stroke efficiency. Superior panel patterns for Rotational Freedom™ and ease of stroke. Select neoprene panels and linings to optimise materials modulus. Breakaway…
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    Huub wetsuit Agilis men
    We have been working with the Brownlee brothers to create our best collaboration yet - the ultimate wetsuit for elite performance. It has been a two-year development, two years of testing and approving with the Brownlees sitting alongside us every step of the way as our testers and developers. They…
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    Huub Wetsuit Varman men
    Maximum Flexibility | Maximum Buoyancy   We've created a suit with ultimate flexibility on the upper body and huge buoyancy in the hips and thighs.   Over the years we found we needed to push the search even further, to get the maximum amount of buoyancy in the hips and…
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